Tuesday, November 20, 2007

All busy, but nothing to show

Since Christmas is coming up there's a lot of hush-hush projects going on. However, I have bought some new yarn and tools. :) I went with my friend to a handicraft fair in Tampere last weekend. This is what I brought home with me.

Of course I had to buy some new tools. Addi needles, Clover helpers and bamboo dpns.

I manage to find lovely reindeer buttons too.

First out are two 500g cones of Merino Blend by King Cole. Project: secret.

Then I reordered my Moda knitting magazine order and got a lovely skein of Elfin by Schoeller Stahl. Project: No idea. Scarf?

I also bumped into Angorina (FIN blog). She makes lovely yarn out of angora, dog wool and lambs wool. This is a skein of angora and wool... Project: Definitely a triangular scarf of some sort.

And last, but not least. My first four skeins of Kureyon by Noro. Project: A slipover perhaps?

All in all a very nice day, eventough due to the busdriver (the only man in the bus, and of course he's to blame) we sat 10 hours in the bus instead of 7. And only 3 hours was spent at the fair, instead of 5. But I'm very happy I went there and definitely I'll be going there next year too.

Now off to my hush-hush projects so that I have something to show after Christmas.


lysmask said...

Jag hittade en bok på bibban var de använt Noro-garn. Lånade hem den för där fanns så mycket annat trevligt :-)

MysteryKnitter said...

I am happy you had a lovely time.