Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I'm back home after being homehome at my parents for the day. I've got about 200g of fantastic beige lace weight alpaca from Canada from my brother. I found this shop on the internet and demanded that he would go there and buy me some yarn from there. He told me that they were suprised that I had found their shop on the internet. is a fantastic place! I will take some pictures later and add them here.

I also got a domestic appliance from my parents so that I can make my own dough for bread, buns and such. We have to see if I have to add a food section to this blog as well. ;) (However, I'm not that keen on making food, but I'm eager to test to bake some bread...)

Have a peaceful Christmas and enjoy the relaxing days ahead!

Friday, October 17, 2008


I think I will have to be admitted to a handicrafts-fanatic-hospital. I've tried so many new techniques these last weeks and bought so many new books and tools...

Remember my spindle I bought over a month ago? Well, I've extended my "tools" for spinning with a spinningwheel. This one is my great grandmother's old spinningwheel that my grandmother told me is still in good shape.

I've been spinning with this now for a couple of times and it's great fun! My spinning is getting more and more even and I'm learning the tricks of a spinningwheel...

But I still wanted a new spindle. For trips, etc. So I've been looking at Butterflygirls spindles for a while now. From all the loooovely spindles she has I choose this one:

Isn't it lovely? Just look at the craftmanship of the shaft?

I just finished test spinning this and let me tell you, I'm in spinner's heaven!

And I'm starting to grow a fiber stash too. This rowing is from Ilun Handu Duunaa. 100% Alpaca in a colourway I can't remember what it was called.

I'm thinking of spinning this with my butterflygirl flower spindle. Two lovely things together cannot be anything else that really lovely!

Then I've stuck with tatting. I bought 4 magazines, 1 book and 5 shuttles the last weeks. The books have arrived, but not the shuttles.

Three weeks ago I attended a tatting class here in town that a norwegian guy called Gunnar Fon had. He had som really great ideas, like tatting with normal yarn or with rope. The first photo is a flower "ribbon" that he had made and then there is my pink flowers in alpaca yarn.

This is my test on tatting with rope and it's quite fantastic to be honest. But really hard on your shoulders.

And inspired of the class I made some alpaca-reflector tatting brooches.

My grandmother was exited that I started tatting (because that was apparently something she and my great grandmother also have been doing), so when she spotted in a second hand shop crochet yarns she immediately bought them for me:

And as this wouldn't be enough I've been knitting like a maniac. Here are some of the projects that I have finished this last month:

So please, can you point me in the direction of the psychic ward for fanatic handicrafters?

Not convinced yet? I've also bought two knitting books: Inspired to knit and Knit so fine. And this came in the mail today:

Yarn from Titityy sockclub by Ilu. 70% wool, 25% bambu and 5% mohair.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Treasures from the cellar

I received this Rowan knit kit by Kaffe Fasset from my grandmother a couple of years ago. I managed to hide it in my cellar and forget it and found it again during my really active weekend...

I'm not sure if she wants me to knit this specific model or just wants me to use the yarns. The model is just sooo 80's and so not me. And if I were to start it I would never finish it. It's just too complicated.

However the colours are just fantastic, but of some of them there is only a couple skeins each. There are kid silk in 11 different colours

and some tweed yarn in one colour

And some Kaffe Fassets design yarn in 6 different colours.

However I feel obliged to do something similar of at least part of the stash. Perhaps a slipover with the same motif? Could be a nice fist intartsia/fair isle/steeking project. (That will take forever to finish. I'm sure.) The pattern is one size only, but the little that my grandmother had knitted on it seems to be a good fit for me. But I'm such a loose knitter... Or a nice blanket with colour combination ideas from the pattern?

However I know I have to make something of this. These yarns are just too nice to be laying around waiting for me to hand it over to my granddaughter...

Monday, September 15, 2008

No so active weekend

This weekend I wasn't so active. Mostly due to a cold that hit me on Saturday. So the balance in activity for the past two weekend are quite stable.

However I tried some tatting and this is what I made:

The one on the left is from Yarnplayer's Tatting: Butterfly bookmarks and the one on the right is from Butterflies and Caterpillars. I did however learn something during these two butterflies and I've made a couple of small mistakes on the butterfly on the left. But as long as we live we learn. Right? :D

I also did some test tatting before the butterflies. A small lace that I just made up from my old tatting I showed in the last post.

Then I finished my first skein of yarn.

Strategial measurements are 28.5m/23g.

I managed to make the spinning quite tight at some places, but for beeing my first skein I'm proud of it.

I also started on my Laminaria from yarn I received a couple of weeks ago from a scarfyarn club.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Super active weekend

Friday. Normally of course to work, but when I came home I saw that I had a package waiting for me at the post office. Quickly out to the car and drive to pick up the packet and tore it up at mom's and dad's. This is what it included:

From Villa Laurila. Before I had time to start spinning I had dinner with mom and dad and went to buy some food (and a shelf to my storage room). When I came home I immediately started spinning. What a joy, and definitely some novelty yarn coming up. This was my fist days result. It is just sooo much fun to spin.

When I was at home dining, my mom digged up my old tatting shuttle that I have gotten from my great grandmother many years ago. There was still some tatting attached to it that I've been doing back then, maaany years ago. I'm starting tatting by taking a weekend course in three weeks.

Apparently I wasn't really good at this back then. My great grandmother on the other hand was really good. If I ever find the cross she made me I will post it here.

On Saturday I woke up quite early and went to town. Shopping. :D Chanterelles for Sunday dinner, shoes...

A watch that came with a handbag...

Some clothes...

After shopping I knitted a little bit on my new red cardigan from Garnstudio. This is my second project in Slike Alpaca and it's just a really, really lovely yarn. However I wish they'd make it in 100g balls. One ball of 60cm/50g knits just up so fast.

I also reorganized my storage room and surprise! I found yarn there which I've actively have tried to forget. Rowan yarn to be exact. Now it is too dark to take photos of the package with yarn, but to give some details it contains a lot of yarn (1kg) in different colours, meant to be a Kaffe Fasset cardigan. I'm thinking of not making this into a cardigan, but perhaps I'll take the idea and make a slipover. I don't know. We'll see. ;)

Oh, and mom came over with another tatting shuttle that she got from her aunt when visiting her on Saturday. It's the same model as the blue, but this one is white. So now I already have two of them. I just have to start tatting...

Today, Sunday, I started the day with a bit of spinning. And this is what I've been spinning up so far.

I also washed some sheets, ate dinner with mom, dad, aunt and aunt's boyfriend. I've also talked with a friend, planted some autumn flowers on my balcony, went to the gym and now I'm just trying to get myself to pack for my trip to Tallinn tomorrow. I'm spending three days in Tallinn on a business trip and I've located at least three nice yarnshops close by our hotel. :D

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yarn p0rn

One weeks stash growing...

Shopping from Tapio. Yarnoholic?

But! I've started two project already from these yarns!

Yarn that "I" bought from I Knit London. Looooovely colours of Indie Dyed yarn. 150g.

These will be some kind of scarf some day I believe. Something like this [ravelry link]?

And some Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 in colourway Moss from Titityys sockclub. No pictures, too lacy...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Travelling agony

As many of us knitters already know, the biggest problem when it comes to travelling is how many and what kind of knitting we should take with us. The project should be small enought to take along, but big enought to last the entire knit. Socks are preferred by many, but I like shawls best. I thought about starting a new shawl, which would have been fun, but the yarn would have taken so much space that I decided I had to leave it at home. I'm packing at the moment for a wedding in southern Finland and I cannot decide what knitting to take. Now I have packed a shrug that I will finish during the train trip down (6h) that will be a present and I want to give it to the lucky person tomorrow when I see her and the other project is the second sock for a friend. The sock is booooring, but I want to finish it so that I can start something new. And notice, I'm just one night away from home, but I have 6h of train and 5-6h of car ride that makes this journey challenging...

However I've finished something for the lucky couple getting married tomorrow. A pair of lovers mittens (a mitten with two cuffs that you can hold eachothers hands in) and a long enough scarf that they can wear together.

I think it is time for bed now. 5h until I have to wake up.

Edit: And not to mention all the other gadgets I'm taking along; Nintendo DS with 30+ games, iPod Touch with loads of podcasts and a pocketbook. This time however, I'm leaving my computer at home. Think I will survive? ;-) Less than 5h until morning...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Slow blogging

I haven't quitted knitting. Not by far. Go and check my latest things on Ravelry or on Flickr. I've actually been knitting far larger projects this spring.

How about this Revontuli (FIN) shawl made in Jitterbug?

Or this Aleita Shell from Interweave Knits, Spring 2008, in King Cole Anti-Tickle in two different blues.

I've also been active on WWKIP-day and a local handicraft day at Stundars (Links to my friend's blog. I was too lazy to take photos.)

One of the techniques I've tested quite much the last week is to get joggless stripes. TECHknitting™: Jogless stripes--a new way To make striped mittens and socks. Pictures will come eventually.

I'm still thinking of what to write about in this blog since Ravelry takes care of the project details. Still I hope I will update it a bit more frequently than I have so far and perhaps share links of great things I find on the internet. You see, I've found this super add-on to my Firefox called ScribeFire that makes blogging easier. :D

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lots done, nothing posted...

I haven't been all quiet and still before Christmas, just had to give the presents before showing them (and a lot of time has been spent in Ravelry as well).

I finished a couple of hats before Christmas. One Koolhaas from Interweave Knits, Holiday 2007 for my brother and one basic hat in Colinette Point 5 for his wife.

As I'm a process knitter (i.e. I can knit something just to have something to knit) I always have some knitting with me. The last project was a Ruska Shawl (pattern only available for Ulla-members) in Garnstudio Alpaca yarn. Orange is not really my colour, but my mothers friend is one and she got this as a new years present from my mom.

And last but not least I finised a vest in Noro Kureyon yarn. I'm quite pleased with this work and I'm definitely going to wear it for work on Monday. The Noro yarn was a little bit too rough to knit, but wearing it will not be a problem.

Just look at the fantastic colours!

I tested a couple of simple techniques in this one, top down without raglan and short rows shaping over the bust. I started the vest from the top down and it's knitted straight, except fore the short row shaping. And my four skeins of Noro was just enough. :)

Perhaps I'm ready now for some bigger knitting project? My sweater projects usually end UFOing due to lack of self dicipline, but perhaps I have it now? Or then I'll just do a couple of more vests before entering the world of sweaters. :)

My excel shows me that I used 5.8 kg of yarn last year (March to December though only) and I have almost 24 kg yarn in my stash. That would make about 4 years of work before I've finished it all. But since I'm on a quite good speed with knitting now I could do better this year. I've been over a month now without buying yarn, and if I don't fall over something really nice treasure on my trip to the Czech Republic, I'm going to be without yarn to the end of this month. (Although Novita Teddy yarn is on sale now and their forest green colour is really nice and it will probably dissapear before spring...)