Monday, September 15, 2008

No so active weekend

This weekend I wasn't so active. Mostly due to a cold that hit me on Saturday. So the balance in activity for the past two weekend are quite stable.

However I tried some tatting and this is what I made:

The one on the left is from Yarnplayer's Tatting: Butterfly bookmarks and the one on the right is from Butterflies and Caterpillars. I did however learn something during these two butterflies and I've made a couple of small mistakes on the butterfly on the left. But as long as we live we learn. Right? :D

I also did some test tatting before the butterflies. A small lace that I just made up from my old tatting I showed in the last post.

Then I finished my first skein of yarn.

Strategial measurements are 28.5m/23g.

I managed to make the spinning quite tight at some places, but for beeing my first skein I'm proud of it.

I also started on my Laminaria from yarn I received a couple of weeks ago from a scarfyarn club.


Anna - lysmask said...

Att "frivolitera" (göra frivolter? :-D) måste nog jag också lära mig!! Var stolt över ditt första garn. Det ser riktigt fint ut! :-)

Olebrumm said...

Jo, precis. Fri_volter. :D