Sunday, September 7, 2008

Super active weekend

Friday. Normally of course to work, but when I came home I saw that I had a package waiting for me at the post office. Quickly out to the car and drive to pick up the packet and tore it up at mom's and dad's. This is what it included:

From Villa Laurila. Before I had time to start spinning I had dinner with mom and dad and went to buy some food (and a shelf to my storage room). When I came home I immediately started spinning. What a joy, and definitely some novelty yarn coming up. This was my fist days result. It is just sooo much fun to spin.

When I was at home dining, my mom digged up my old tatting shuttle that I have gotten from my great grandmother many years ago. There was still some tatting attached to it that I've been doing back then, maaany years ago. I'm starting tatting by taking a weekend course in three weeks.

Apparently I wasn't really good at this back then. My great grandmother on the other hand was really good. If I ever find the cross she made me I will post it here.

On Saturday I woke up quite early and went to town. Shopping. :D Chanterelles for Sunday dinner, shoes...

A watch that came with a handbag...

Some clothes...

After shopping I knitted a little bit on my new red cardigan from Garnstudio. This is my second project in Slike Alpaca and it's just a really, really lovely yarn. However I wish they'd make it in 100g balls. One ball of 60cm/50g knits just up so fast.

I also reorganized my storage room and surprise! I found yarn there which I've actively have tried to forget. Rowan yarn to be exact. Now it is too dark to take photos of the package with yarn, but to give some details it contains a lot of yarn (1kg) in different colours, meant to be a Kaffe Fasset cardigan. I'm thinking of not making this into a cardigan, but perhaps I'll take the idea and make a slipover. I don't know. We'll see. ;)

Oh, and mom came over with another tatting shuttle that she got from her aunt when visiting her on Saturday. It's the same model as the blue, but this one is white. So now I already have two of them. I just have to start tatting...

Today, Sunday, I started the day with a bit of spinning. And this is what I've been spinning up so far.

I also washed some sheets, ate dinner with mom, dad, aunt and aunt's boyfriend. I've also talked with a friend, planted some autumn flowers on my balcony, went to the gym and now I'm just trying to get myself to pack for my trip to Tallinn tomorrow. I'm spending three days in Tallinn on a business trip and I've located at least three nice yarnshops close by our hotel. :D

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Anna - lysmask said...

Hade din helg månne flera dagar än min helg? Hur har du hunnit med allt detdär? :-)

Ditt garn såg ju superbra ut. Många fler meter än vad jag hittills åstadkommit tror jag..