Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lots done, nothing posted...

I haven't been all quiet and still before Christmas, just had to give the presents before showing them (and a lot of time has been spent in Ravelry as well).

I finished a couple of hats before Christmas. One Koolhaas from Interweave Knits, Holiday 2007 for my brother and one basic hat in Colinette Point 5 for his wife.

As I'm a process knitter (i.e. I can knit something just to have something to knit) I always have some knitting with me. The last project was a Ruska Shawl (pattern only available for Ulla-members) in Garnstudio Alpaca yarn. Orange is not really my colour, but my mothers friend is one and she got this as a new years present from my mom.

And last but not least I finised a vest in Noro Kureyon yarn. I'm quite pleased with this work and I'm definitely going to wear it for work on Monday. The Noro yarn was a little bit too rough to knit, but wearing it will not be a problem.

Just look at the fantastic colours!

I tested a couple of simple techniques in this one, top down without raglan and short rows shaping over the bust. I started the vest from the top down and it's knitted straight, except fore the short row shaping. And my four skeins of Noro was just enough. :)

Perhaps I'm ready now for some bigger knitting project? My sweater projects usually end UFOing due to lack of self dicipline, but perhaps I have it now? Or then I'll just do a couple of more vests before entering the world of sweaters. :)

My excel shows me that I used 5.8 kg of yarn last year (March to December though only) and I have almost 24 kg yarn in my stash. That would make about 4 years of work before I've finished it all. But since I'm on a quite good speed with knitting now I could do better this year. I've been over a month now without buying yarn, and if I don't fall over something really nice treasure on my trip to the Czech Republic, I'm going to be without yarn to the end of this month. (Although Novita Teddy yarn is on sale now and their forest green colour is really nice and it will probably dissapear before spring...)