Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Slow blogging

I haven't quitted knitting. Not by far. Go and check my latest things on Ravelry or on Flickr. I've actually been knitting far larger projects this spring.

How about this Revontuli (FIN) shawl made in Jitterbug?

Or this Aleita Shell from Interweave Knits, Spring 2008, in King Cole Anti-Tickle in two different blues.

I've also been active on WWKIP-day and a local handicraft day at Stundars (Links to my friend's blog. I was too lazy to take photos.)

One of the techniques I've tested quite much the last week is to get joggless stripes. TECHknitting™: Jogless stripes--a new way To make striped mittens and socks. Pictures will come eventually.

I'm still thinking of what to write about in this blog since Ravelry takes care of the project details. Still I hope I will update it a bit more frequently than I have so far and perhaps share links of great things I find on the internet. You see, I've found this super add-on to my Firefox called ScribeFire that makes blogging easier. :D