Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yarn p0rn

One weeks stash growing...

Shopping from Tapio. Yarnoholic?

But! I've started two project already from these yarns!

Yarn that "I" bought from I Knit London. Looooovely colours of Indie Dyed yarn. 150g.

These will be some kind of scarf some day I believe. Something like this [ravelry link]?

And some Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 in colourway Moss from Titityys sockclub. No pictures, too lacy...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Travelling agony

As many of us knitters already know, the biggest problem when it comes to travelling is how many and what kind of knitting we should take with us. The project should be small enought to take along, but big enought to last the entire knit. Socks are preferred by many, but I like shawls best. I thought about starting a new shawl, which would have been fun, but the yarn would have taken so much space that I decided I had to leave it at home. I'm packing at the moment for a wedding in southern Finland and I cannot decide what knitting to take. Now I have packed a shrug that I will finish during the train trip down (6h) that will be a present and I want to give it to the lucky person tomorrow when I see her and the other project is the second sock for a friend. The sock is booooring, but I want to finish it so that I can start something new. And notice, I'm just one night away from home, but I have 6h of train and 5-6h of car ride that makes this journey challenging...

However I've finished something for the lucky couple getting married tomorrow. A pair of lovers mittens (a mitten with two cuffs that you can hold eachothers hands in) and a long enough scarf that they can wear together.

I think it is time for bed now. 5h until I have to wake up.

Edit: And not to mention all the other gadgets I'm taking along; Nintendo DS with 30+ games, iPod Touch with loads of podcasts and a pocketbook. This time however, I'm leaving my computer at home. Think I will survive? ;-) Less than 5h until morning...