Friday, October 17, 2008


I think I will have to be admitted to a handicrafts-fanatic-hospital. I've tried so many new techniques these last weeks and bought so many new books and tools...

Remember my spindle I bought over a month ago? Well, I've extended my "tools" for spinning with a spinningwheel. This one is my great grandmother's old spinningwheel that my grandmother told me is still in good shape.

I've been spinning with this now for a couple of times and it's great fun! My spinning is getting more and more even and I'm learning the tricks of a spinningwheel...

But I still wanted a new spindle. For trips, etc. So I've been looking at Butterflygirls spindles for a while now. From all the loooovely spindles she has I choose this one:

Isn't it lovely? Just look at the craftmanship of the shaft?

I just finished test spinning this and let me tell you, I'm in spinner's heaven!

And I'm starting to grow a fiber stash too. This rowing is from Ilun Handu Duunaa. 100% Alpaca in a colourway I can't remember what it was called.

I'm thinking of spinning this with my butterflygirl flower spindle. Two lovely things together cannot be anything else that really lovely!

Then I've stuck with tatting. I bought 4 magazines, 1 book and 5 shuttles the last weeks. The books have arrived, but not the shuttles.

Three weeks ago I attended a tatting class here in town that a norwegian guy called Gunnar Fon had. He had som really great ideas, like tatting with normal yarn or with rope. The first photo is a flower "ribbon" that he had made and then there is my pink flowers in alpaca yarn.

This is my test on tatting with rope and it's quite fantastic to be honest. But really hard on your shoulders.

And inspired of the class I made some alpaca-reflector tatting brooches.

My grandmother was exited that I started tatting (because that was apparently something she and my great grandmother also have been doing), so when she spotted in a second hand shop crochet yarns she immediately bought them for me:

And as this wouldn't be enough I've been knitting like a maniac. Here are some of the projects that I have finished this last month:

So please, can you point me in the direction of the psychic ward for fanatic handicrafters?

Not convinced yet? I've also bought two knitting books: Inspired to knit and Knit so fine. And this came in the mail today:

Yarn from Titityy sockclub by Ilu. 70% wool, 25% bambu and 5% mohair.