Monday, August 24, 2009

Tour de Fleece

I participated in Tour de Fleece this year. For the tour I bought two new spindles, from Rina. I've been mostly practicing my long and short draws, navajo plying and did a test on some "art yarn".

What I've learnt during the tour:
  • I'm scared at getting too much twist. More twist is not bad!
  • Art yarn should be made of colourful fiber.
  • Spindles are actually quite great working with.

In the picture collage the fleece is Blue Faced Leicester in natural colours. And my Lady bug of course and the new spindles.

I noticed that I haven't shown at all here what I've been spinning. So here are three of my yarns so far:

The white is Finn sheep (or Affe?) wool that I've partly spun on a spindle, partly on the old spinning wheel and partly on the Ladybug. 2 ply, 200g?, very "artsy" with thick and thin structure. :) The green-yellow is BFL that is dyed by Ilu. I have two skeins of this. 2 ply, 200g, not so artsy as the white one. And last but not least is the pink-beige that is also dyed by Ilu, alpaca, 100g, 3 ply. And that one almost looks like even yarn. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Open air museum Stundars

Today I and my cousines, Lisa and Emma were in an open air museum called Stundars. I had promised to go there and spin a little when they had "time travel" hours and the girls wanted to come along.

We got to choose clothes to look like they did "in the old age".

And the girls were really cute.

They did some carding, and spinning.

While I was completely consumed spinning with my new white oak Bosworth.

The girls baked some bread as well.

And some butter knives, but I don't have a picture of that. The girls "went to school" when they heard the schoolbell ringing where they had gymnastics, math and mother tongue. Tomorrow I guess they will do some old fashioned laundry, while I continue to spin. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

New address!

I have a "new" address:

Balcony, the sofa...

Yep, the spinning wheel, knitting and computer has also moved there. I don't sleep there. Yet... And I think my colour this year is pink. :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ravelry Finnish Swap and KnitPicks purchase

In Ravelry the Finns have a summer/colour swap ongoing and I got a post code yesterday from my swap partner. Today at work I followed the whole day if it's going to arrive to my post office today, and certainly it did! Just look at this:

The scarf is handspun and hand knitted! And the slouch is just perfect colour and shape. The yarn is Mirasol Sulka 60% Merino 20% Alpaca and 20% Silk, made in Peru. Really soft. Matching mittens and cowl to the slouch? And then some Olive Green Corriedale to spin. Yay! And not to mention the book. This was a 40€ swap yes, but 200g yarn, wool to spin, a slouch, a scarf, a book, candy and a pedant is a lot for that amount! :D I think I have a good guess who my partner is, but I will check it first. Kiitos todella paljon tästä ihanan vihreästä paketista!

And while I'm writing this post (and becoming fanatic about Picasa 3:s collage feature) I'd like to post these pictures from my purchase from USA. First off some yarn from KnitPicks. My first ones:

My brother and his girlfriend acted as delivery agents (as thanks to borrowing my suitcase and for my birthday). I also ordered two books from Schoolhousepress while I was on a shopping spree.

Next time I will be my own delivery agent, since I bought tickets to New York. The plan is to go to Rhinebeck to their Sheep and Wool festival. :D

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shawls done

I think I'm more into lace knitting than sock or cardigan knitting. I enjoy the beauty of lace and what happens during blocking (and that there's no right or wrong size of them).

During the spring I've finished two shawls. The first is the KAL Lankakomero held, Vernal Equinox Shawl.

Pattern: Vernal Equinox Shawl
Yarn: Evilla 260g
Needle size: 4.0 mm Addi Turbo

The other one is one I started last September. Took me "only" a half a year to finish this.

Pattern: Laminaria in Knitty
Yarn: Fyberspates Fairy Wool
Needle Size: 3.0 mm Addi Turbos

And on my needles I have now the Springtime Swirl KAL. My first round shawl. In brown MerinoSilk from Grignasco. And Kide in an olive green mohair I've bought a long time ago. Still it itches in my fingers to start a new one. The problem is that now when it's summertime I want to knit bright things...

Spin away

The last week and a half I've been spinning a lot, like over 100g (that's a lot for beeing me!).

First of all last Friday and Saturday there was a spinning class nearby in which I and Anna took part in.

Here's our fantastic spinning wheels next to eachother. My Bug and Annas Joy.

We started with this on Friday evening:

Carded and spinned it:

Into this by Saturday morning:

Then I switched to some roving from Ilu.

And today we visited a considerable more skilled spinner. My god the things I have to learn in the skill of spinning!

She was so nice that we could try her carding maschine and we carded some of Anna's cat's hair into some lovely batts:

Here's the three of us with our wheels.

I think my head is spinning from all this fiber and spinning. :D

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bitten by a bug

Today, just as I was walking out of the door to work, the UPS guy called and let me know that THE package will arrive this morning. About an hour later this box appeared in my door.

Which contained this:

A Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel! I bought this one weeks ago, waited eagerly for it to arrive to Germany (Wollinchen) and then to me. I've been clicking my UPS link several times every day and yesterday I was really disappointed since it said that it will be delivered 4th of March (first delivery date was 24th of February). That's why I was so happy that the UPS guy called and said it would arrive today!

I let it warm up a bit (it's quite cold outside, so I wanted the wooden parts to warm up a bit before putting them under strain) and assembled it during my "lunch hour". (I'm working from home today. Can't you see?)

Here's a picture of the bug next to my old spinning wheel. This was the main reason why I wanted a new one. This one is so much smaller and compact!

And then a closeup of the ladybug. Its just behind the wheel on the right side.

I test spinned just a little (waiting for the work day to end) to see how the scotch tension works. And it was just soooo smooth and nice. I just love the double threadle and the red wheel. In my package arrived also 500g of indigo corridale wool (Edit: Apparently I was a good customer so I have 600g of corridale fibre!), 500g white and brown BFL and 300 g of other nice fibres. :D

One last picture since it's just so cute!

Now I have to make some day a small bag or two to store spinning things in one and to put "wool trash" in the other... But guess what I'm doing this evening!?!?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Australian fires - how to help and to win yarn!

Just a quickie. Bumped into All Tangled Ups' post about winning yarn and helping out the people "down under". Check for the yarns and details on serendipity's blog. Basically you donate cash (min 10 AUD which is about 5€, i.e. not much!) to the Australian Red Cross (securely online with your creditcard), forward your receipt to the email that is listed on serendipity's blog and you have a chance to win some of the fantastic yarn. *drool* And you can of course donate some yarn or patterns for the fund raising lottery as well.

And yes. I'm knitting and I will blog about it someday...