Monday, August 24, 2009

Tour de Fleece

I participated in Tour de Fleece this year. For the tour I bought two new spindles, from Rina. I've been mostly practicing my long and short draws, navajo plying and did a test on some "art yarn".

What I've learnt during the tour:
  • I'm scared at getting too much twist. More twist is not bad!
  • Art yarn should be made of colourful fiber.
  • Spindles are actually quite great working with.

In the picture collage the fleece is Blue Faced Leicester in natural colours. And my Lady bug of course and the new spindles.

I noticed that I haven't shown at all here what I've been spinning. So here are three of my yarns so far:

The white is Finn sheep (or Affe?) wool that I've partly spun on a spindle, partly on the old spinning wheel and partly on the Ladybug. 2 ply, 200g?, very "artsy" with thick and thin structure. :) The green-yellow is BFL that is dyed by Ilu. I have two skeins of this. 2 ply, 200g, not so artsy as the white one. And last but not least is the pink-beige that is also dyed by Ilu, alpaca, 100g, 3 ply. And that one almost looks like even yarn. :)


Sarah Jane said...

I wish that I had been able to do the tour this year, it just wasn't feasible. I LOVE the snowflake spindle, very cool! Keep up the great work!

Anni said...
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Anni said...

Höh, yritin vaan kertoa että tuo vaaleanpunainen on ihana, mutta onnistuin poistamaan kommentin :D