Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blog pause ended?

I've now had a longer pause in my bloggning since I have been thinking of what to blog about and for whom. Today when posting in Ravelry I found the need to link to a few blogposts and I realised that this blog is more or less my handicraft diary and I'm bloggning mainly for myself. If someone else likes to read and look at the pictures, the happier I am.

I've been knitting and spinning a lot, during the last months. But I'm not going to post all of it here. I have a few projects though that I want to share.

My last summers big project that I was crocheing mainly at our summerhouse. This picture is taken back home though, since I had to finish it at home after the summer had almost gone and the season for beeing at the summerhouse was over.

Then I knitted my first something of my own handspun.

A cowl. A bit funny size, but I probably will use it now in the spring and take better pictures then.

I've also started a Wollmeise stash. This is not my whole stash. Only my Nth package. ;)

And spun some laceyarn that I gifted in a swap. Merino/silk 80/20 that was 33om if I remember correctly. 2 ply, worsted draw. Colourway cinnamon? I have two tops of this wool in blues and reds and my fingers are now itching to start them. What a perfect summerknitting it would be to make a shawl out of them.

For the Ravelympics I knitted this shawl to my mothers friend:

I won't post any details here. Those I will keep in Ravelry. However, if you are wondering about something, just comment and I will answer.

Speaking of shawls. I have 469 patterns (16 pages) that I've queued in Ravelry. 5 pages (about 150 patterns) are shawls, scarfs, cowls and such. And I need desperatly more mittens, socks and hats. :) A funny equation. The winter has been cold here in Finland...


Sigrun said...

Glad that you are back :-) I once ran in to your blog and bookmarked it. Since then I have 'stopped by' to see what you are up to. Will keep on doing so :-)

hortihoney said...

Woot woot! Glad to see you blogging again! The cowl is lovely and SOOOOO perfect for the spring!