Sunday, March 28, 2010

Knitting weekend

Some girls arranged for the second time a Finnish Knitters retreat in Päivölä. And there I was, for the second time. It was a fantastic weekend with long days, much laughter and talking. And little sleep. The change to summer time took one hour away from the weekend. :( But we didn't allow it to spoil our moods. :)

The first thing that was handed to me was an amazing exchange package.

Just look at these things! Chicken run needle pillow, eco-coffee, whitechocolatedrink, Wollmeise (!) and one bigger and one smaller pouches. Totally amazing! Thank you! Who ever you are. I'm really bad at guessing...

I didn't take that many pictures, but here's a few. I mostly spun some lovely green fiber. Perhaps merino/bamboo blend. I have no idea. But it spun up lovely and the green-yellow shade is amazing! I was so amazed over my Ladybug that I've had for a year now that I even sat almost 30 min just threadling my wheel. :)

Other people spun as well. Notice the fantastic Mario wheel behind the fanastic Majacraft Rose wheel.

Here's another picture of it.

And there were "some" yarn as well present.

My face is a big smile and I'm happy to go to sleep in my own bed. :) Good night!

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