Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My grandmas and me...

I've been lucky to have two grandmas that are/were both handicrafty persons. (That's why I usually say my handicraftness-madness is a genetic fault.) This post is about my dad's mother. Elli has been dead for more than two years, but I still feel strongly connected to her. Perhaps emptying their appartment has brought up more memories and new thoughts about her. The eastern will be spent continuing to empty the appartment. Both she and my granddad have lived through and fought a war, seen misery that I cannot even begin to grasp and lived a looong life together. This is probably why they were such "hamsters" and saved everything, I mean everything. About 10 years back when I decided to sleep over at their place they found somewhere a toothbrush for me that I've used as a kid over 10 years before. No need to say what I did with that. Some things isn't perhaps anything to be joyful over (like the toothbrush or old underwear), but some things are just treasures. I managed to escape the whirlwind that my aunties and mother were a couple of weeks ago when cleaning out one (!) of the basements, but I wasn't left without things.

A silver thimble with proper silver stamps. Old books like Eeva Haavisto's "Sata Kansanomaista kuviokudinmallia" without the covers, cross-stitch book, weaving book "kutokaa itse kankaanne" and Baden-Powells "Tie onnellisuuteen" ("Road to happiness"?, Baden-Powell is the founder of scouting, if someone didn't know and I'm almost equally fanatic about scouting that I'm over knitting). An old Arabia cuttingboard. A brown-yellow 60's vase by Riihimäki. My grandfather got this as a present -69 from his employer, luckily his first name is Martti, so the initials on the vase matches mine. :) And I also got a wooden tool for making hardanger (?) or english embroidery, can't remember which.

What I haven't been able to photograph just yet is a crocheted curtain my grandmother made. I will steam it and hang it in my kitchen window, so I will put a separate post on that when it's all done.

Here's a picture of grandma and grandpa. Grandpa, Martti, Taata is now 90,5 years...

More treasures expected after this weekend. And I will make a post over my other grandma as well. She is over 80 years and is still weaving and knitting a lot.

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mary jane said...

what a great post, how lucky you are to have such a legacy. Your Grandparents made such a cute couple.