Friday, March 12, 2010


When the systems at work break down, the car does it's yearly break down (every year something breaks, last year it was the breaks, this year it seems to be the cooler) and all things seems to fall apart, packages in the post office is definitely a must. Yesterday I went to pick up three mails from our central post office. One was a coffee package for dad. It was delicious Kaffa Roastery coffee. (Pages only in Swedish and Finnish, sorry.) It is two Swedishfinnish guys that have started their own roastery in Helsinki. They select the estates, bean mix and roasting grade themselves. Their coffee is delicous and you can even get a coffeeletter that gets you their coffee mailed to you once a month. Via (Just as a side note. Not a paid commercial. ;) )

The other packages were mine! All mine! :) First of I won for the first time in a blog competition. This was in Eevus blog SiistiƤ ja tarkkaa. I got some fantastic Wollmeise Hortensie. In this collage I also have included the two Wollmeise WD packages I received a week (or two?) ago. Eevus skein is the one furthes in the top left picture and the one in the right middle one. The other ones are Kurbis, Maus Alt, Stella Polaris and something I don't remember right now.

Then I received some dishcloth yarn from the UK/US from my friend Sarah: Horti Honey’s Blog of Yarn, Plants, and Life

And some stitchmarks for a KAL we are participating in togehter, the Evenstar Mystery Shawl. These should be enough! :) I just have to make the swatch and then cast on. It seems to be a really beautiful shawl. (Ravlink) I have some Natural Dye Studios Angel-yarn reserved for it in lovely pale purple/lilac. Baby alpaca, cashmere and silk. Yummy-yum!

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