Saturday, December 11, 2010


Just look at this:

No wonder I'm not taking any pictures at the moment. And I haven't gotten anything finished for a looooong time. I have though spun a lot and knitted a lot. I've also bought a bit of yarn and been to Tampere for the Handicraft fair. I'm so happy I managed to get Sarah and Chris over there and to meet them was so much fun. Check out Sarahs blogpost about the trip.

However I borrowed my dad's DSLR which is something like 6 years old. Or read: I saved it from getting smashed during their move. I want one! Here's a few pictures I just taken with it.

My spinning place. The red thingy on the pink chair is a HumanTool. It is actually quite nice to sit on it while spinning. The pink chairs are old 80's chairs from my grandmom that my mom renovated. I just love the pink-black combination and it so does not match the humantool or my appartment (which goes in brown and green).

What I'm spinning. Something purple. Don't ask what it is or where I got from. Probably from someones stash in Ravelry. Thinking of plying this with some other pink yarns.

My Christmas party nails. I got home last night at 2:30. Woke up today 14:00. I sang karaoke the first time in my life. "Fly me to the moon." I'm not sure I'm going to do it again though.

Have a nice weekend and relaxing pre-holiday times! I'm sure I will blog some more now when I got a fun camera borrowed.

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