Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A little peek into my Shetland trip

Or more like a peek in our humor level.

A shtory by Sharah and Malin. Moshtly created during Shaturday evening on the ship when everybody elshe wash ashleep due to sheashicknessh or tirednessh.

Oh shit, The Shetland sheep shoap shop* is shut. Luckily there is more shetland shoap on the ship's shoap shop for shoap shopper with sheashicknessh. If you need to go to the ship's chief shurgent with shcalpels and shcissors remember to tak shingle malt shcotch wishkey and shetland sheep shoap as a cure for your sheashicknessh and shinglesh. "I'm sho shorry", shaid the sheaman to the ship's cheif shurgent. "We don't have shingle malt shcotch wishkey or shetland sheep shoap in our ship shop for shoppers, but there ish shetland shterling shilver jewllery by the shilver shmith Sheila Fleet, shetland shweets, shilppers, shpiderman shpray shtick, shkincare, shalted chipsh, bathsalt, chardonnay, shiraz and shauvignon blanc wine'sh. You can alsho go to the ship'sh chinema to watch Shex and the Chity or Shrek. Or you can shleep in the ship's cabinsh in niche sheets and take a nice shower." Under the shtairsh you find a shilver shwedish shwiking with a shilver sharp shword.

* is actually only Shetland soap company. I added the sheep because it fitted so well.

Pictures and more stories to be posted later.