Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birthdays!

Past one and a half weeks two very important ladies had their birthdays. First grandmom and then mom. For them a bunch of flowers.

Mom and dad are fenomenal to get orchids blooming. They have probably ten orchids and they all bloom all the time.

So I sometimes move my orchids to their house for "daycare". :)

And I acctually got some flowers that looked nice in the beginning of January...

Mom likes tulips. And I have to admit, I like them a lot too.

I've been scouting a alot the past two weekends. Paperscouting indoors. Luckily work provided me a chance to be outside a half a day which provided me with this wonderful view:

The place is called Kalles Inn. Very popular for business thingies and weddings.

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Sigrun said...

Wow, this view is like in a fairy-tale.