Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Knitting Year 2010

A photo composition of my Knitting Year 2010:

It's all in all 48 photos! One from each project I have in Ravelry. Two projects are actually missing since I don't have photos of them. Both of them are vests.

My excel says that I've been knitting (or weaving or crocheing) 7kg 226g. Which is quite the same as the year before (7kg 960g). So I haven't slowed down. :)

13 scarfs, shawls or cowls
10 socks or slippers
7 hats or headbands
3 blankets
2 pairs of fingerless mittens
2 shrugs
1 pair of mittens
1 cardigan

and a bunch of other small stuff.

The projects I'm most proud of are:

I finally finished two shawl long-time runners. The brown Springtime Swirl I knitted over 16 months and the green Aura shawl I knitted for an equally long time.

The one I use the most is this:

My brown cashmere Minimalist cardigan. A looooovely cardigan that fits me great and is soft and cozy. 100% cashmere yarn from "Riku" aka Colourmart.

The most interesting project last year was:

Dad's bowler hat I croched out of old video tape. It wasn't fun to crochet, but I think the final product was quite fun.

All in all this recap of 2010 tells me a few things about my future. I need more cardigans, pullovers, mittens and hats. What I have on my needles doesn't tell the same story. Four shawls or scarfs, one pair of woollen longpants, one cardigan and one UFOed summer tank. I need to start more projects!


the dutch purple rabbit said...

i love bunny nuggets!
and you did really much knitting.

Maria said...

Oj, va mycke fint du ha gjort på ett år!!!