Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new beginning...

My new year was quiet and nice. Here's a collage of mine and BF's "night out".

Thoughts about my bloggning
I've been thinking a lot of what to post here in my blog. I started blogging as a journal for my finished objects. But that part Ravelry has taken over. It's just so much more convenient to list my FOs there. So there went that idea. Then I thought what kind of blogs I liked. When I'm not in a hurry I often read a some of the text, but if I'm in a hurry I will just look at the pictures. Which is nice since now that I have my new camera I'd like to post more photos. However there are other interesting stuff to take photos of than handicrafts. "Gasp! Really?" I thought of starting a new blog for my photos, but I would definitely not have time to update two blogs.

The other thing I like with other blogs are that they update quite regularly. Like once a week.

And the third thing I was thinking of was which language to use. My mothertongue is Swedish, my other main language is Finnish, so both, either or? But then I have friends who don't speak Swedish or Finnish (eventhough they are getting better at it) so English is a must there.

So this is 2011 in this blog:
I will post an entry once a week, at least. I will have photos (or collages as in this one and the Christmas one) of different things, but the blog will be mostly about different handicrafts. They are a big part of my life! Though some things non-handicraft will of course be shown and told. The main language will be English, but for events/KALs/things related to Finland/Finnish/Swedish I will do the post in that language, but I will always post a short English text with them.

Spotted on the street
Someone has a true Christmas spirit. The sign says "Christmas or death". The blue mailboxes are new for this year. They were already set up last year for Christmas cards, but will be used for slower (or was it faster?) mail starting from February.

Joillakin on oikea joulutunnelma:


Hillevi3 said...

I like your idea very much! You have big potential as a photographer. Looking forward to see them!

Sigrun said...

Happy new year! Glad you decided to stay here and keep on blogging :-)