Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sarah's Finland Tour, part 1

As I mentioned in my last blogpost I had my friend Sarah over to Finland for a week. In my next few posts I will tell you (mostly in pictures) about our adventures in Finland.

We started with a weekend in Turku. Sarah got a nice start on her knitting since we first sat 4h in the car while dad drove. Then she got to sit two mornings in the hospital waitingroom while I visited my granddad. But she got to do some sightseeing after that. We started with some grocery shopping (foreign grocery stores are so much fun!), but then we did some historical sightseeing. The Turku castle:

Yes, we did some knitting in the castle, in the ladies craft room to be exact.

I got a bit "wild" with the lights of the castle.

In the curch they had a statue of Saint George. He's the one that killed the dragon and didn't want the princess and half of the kingdom. He is also the saint of the scouts.

There was a display of Finnish silver craftsmen. This was quite funny:

One part of the castle is a toy museum.

Moomin got last year a really huge thing in Finland (Think they had some kind of anniversary.) and the popularity is growing. You can find all kinds of things with Moomin on them, but here you can see the proper old Moomin. Not the animated ones:

Sarah was fed that day with green stuff directly in the morning. And my boyfriend took good care of feeding us. The story continues later on with a visit to the Botanical Garden...

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