Friday, March 18, 2011

Home studies

About a month ago we (me and my boyfriend) went to a renovation and home decor fair and I thought I'd share a few photos with you. We (read: he) are renovating his home at the moment. The kitchen is soon done and then we only have three other rooms to fully renovate. Here's a few things I found interesting at the fair.

Smart solutions for filling up a small space in the kitchen.

Or a smart magnet thingy for the yucky dishrag.

Coloursplash. This is actually a watercleaning system.

Another coloursplash. Carpets. Firstly some "liquorice"-style

Then some rags and stones.


I think I want some dots somewhere. Either as wallpaper as here or handpainted. In the bedroom perhaps?

And for all the technical freaks. A heater. It runs on either wood, pellets or even oil! Multithingy.

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adeve said...

Magneettitelineen kanssa voi käydä niin, että vähänkin isompi rätti ui yhä altaan pohjalla... En muista, missä törmäsin kaappiin laitettavaan telineeseen, mutta jäi mun "pakko saada"-ostoslistalle.

Kivimatto olis kyllä ihana takan edessä, pitäisköhän ruveta huovuttelemaan palloja, hmm... ;)