Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sarah's Finland Tour, part 2

The Botanical Garden of Turku University (in Finnish). I think me and BF had more fun and educational trip there than Sarah had. She was FILLED with information and got really jumpy and energetic to arrive "to her world". I better take her to Botanical Gardens more so that I learn something. :) Since I don't remember much of the names of the plants I'll tell you more why I took the picture instead.

I call this the canarian flower. Though I might mix the name up with something else, but the colours are fenomenal on this flower.

An interesting leaf bud.

Lovely shade of pinkred. Flower buds are so filled with hope and new life...

Angel bell. Right? The whole plant is veeery poisonous. Interesting this mix of beauty and hostility.

This orchid had a really nice pot. Made out of plastic tubes. Might make one some day for something.

Not all flowers are beautiful. But they still are useful for something. I guess.

Just look at this violet!

The spiral form of the leaf caught my eyes.

And this leaf caught me with its spots.

Like this combination of green and white.

The thread aloe or thread something. As made for crafters.

This is my favourite succulent. The stone plant. I owned one once. Managed to drown it.

Interesting roots.

The small plant is trying to take some space with its looong heavy arms.

The mother plant with its babies. This plant will pop babies from its side. Looks little bit like a shallot onion.

The place had a lot of fantastic orchids.

Sarah got mostly interested in the bugs of the place. Here she found something on the palm leaf and said that that was curable with coffee... :) Her knowledge about plants is astounding!

Watch out for the spikes!

This leaf's uncentered midpoint and spirality (is that a word?) was funny.

Rabbit's paws. Fluffy and furry.

We rounded the day off with a stroll in the town and some Valentines day doughnuts.

Next day we went to Tampere. There we got to go to our first yarnshops. More about that in a later post. Think these posts are enough picture heavy as they are now. :)

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