Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sarah's Finland Tour, part 4

Yes, it was a long and eventful week with Sarah. This is only day 5 of 9...

She managed to come while it was reeeeally cold here. All week. You can see it very well from this photo:

We were out sightseeing Finland's longest bridge, the Replot bridge.

At the bridge there is a café/restaurant/burger/bar-place. I really recommend going there for a burger. You can have a look at the Bridge Burger in Sarah's blog.

After that we hit the Ostrobothnian Museum and Terranova. The main point why I wanted to take Sarah there was to see old spinning wheels and other old tools for handicrafting. Especially this wheel is interesting historicalwise:

It is a castle spinning wheel from the 18th century. Found in Ostrobothina. This is a proof that the castle or standing spinning wheel was found in Finland and it is older than the "normal" spinning wheel everybody recognizes. (I'll probably write more about this later when I've done some more research.) Here's a picture of a "normal" spinning wheel from 1854.

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