Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sarah's Finland Tour, part 5

Day 6 and 7 of Sarah's tour she got to chill out at Barbro's place while I had to work. I went there on Thursday evening for some spinning and chatting. Friday early morning we hit the road for some more yarnfumes.

First we went to Kauhavan kangas-aitta. It looks quite booring from outside.

But just look what you find inside. This is only a tenth that you can see in this photo of all the stuff they have there! I managed to control myself and came out only with one 250g skein of pig-pink for my boyfriends hat (more on that when I've started it) and some KnitPro cables.

I wonder if this house next door is the old Kauhavan kangas-aitta. And now it just shows to go next doors.

Then we had a quick stop in Seinäjoki in their Taito shop called Rustoopuori.

They had a bunch of handmade stuff there and we just immersed ourselves in the creativity of others. Especially this one I like. They've used white paper-yarn and gold or silver thread and a rose-lace (? rose pitsi in Finnish) tool for making this led-light-thingy.

After that it was time for lunch. We had a delicious lunch at Juustoportti (Cheesegate in English) and looked at the cheesemaking process a bit. Oh, and we bought a bunch of their cheese and other goodies. Sarah and Barbro might have pictures from there. I was just so hungry I totally forgot to take any.

Then the highlight of the yarn crawl of Ostrobothina. Tapion kauppa. Here's Sarah with Barbro, totally unaware of what is inside those doors.

If you ever come to Finland, Tapion kauppa is definitely worth a stop. I mean it is huge. The picture below is showing perhaps 50% of the store.

Here's the Novita corner.

Some colourtherapy by Garnstudio Alpaca.

The mandatory picture of the other photographer.

A peek of what is new and fuzzy. Fun yarn. The colours are fun though!

Sarah's stash enhancement. No, I didn't take a photo of my stash enhancement. I promise, it was respectable, but not quite this colourful.

Then we went back to Barbro's place for dinner. Saturday Sarah and I spent packing and buying nice Finnish things. Like caffeinated Mountain Dew and cloth rollers. (I know, Americans can be quite funny at times. ;) )

It was so great to have Sarah here. Next time I'll see her will be in June for Woolfest. Me and Barbro are flying over to England for our yearly English-Scottish fibre and sheep fix. :)

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