Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ni(e)ce knitting and sewing

Mom called upset a couple of weeks ago that my niece needed mittens! Her hands, my mom's only grandchild's hands were cold! Said and done:

I modified the known Finnish Train Socks and made mittens out of them. Basically just forgot the heel... They are loooong, but then again i hope they will stay on her better that way. And if she needs more woollen layers they can just fold the cuff down.

And just because she is sooooo cute (and makes my ovaries twist and breakdance):

During the summer I purchased a new sewing machine and made a sweater for her. It was a bit big, but when babysitting her last week I decided to try the sweater on her. Think it looks ok. I really have to make some room in my schedule for sewing before Christmas. She needs desperately some dresses. :)

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Tini said...

how cute!!!
btw. babies have cold hands. Everything is o.k. as long as the back of her neck is warm :)