Saturday, October 22, 2011

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Due to the fact that I had two large events in September I wanted to look my best. Here's what I wore.

Koska halusin näyttää parhaat puoleni syyskuun kahdessa tärkeimmissä tapahtumissa niin pidetään vähän esitystä mitä minulla oli päällä.

På grund av de två stora festena i september måste jag fixa fram något snyggt och fint. Här är vad jag hade på mig.

The jewlery are from Hopeasäie. Custom made for me and I love ♥ them! Check also out Pirre's yarn...

Korut olivat  Hopeasäikeeltä. Minulle tehdyt. ♥ Pirren langat ovat myös aivan mahtavia.

Smyckena hade Pirre från Hopeasäie gjort åt mig. ♥ Kolla även hennes garn. De är fantastiska.

And the dress is made by Adelheid.

Ja hame on Adelheid-designia.

Och klänningen har Adelheid gjort åt mig.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Busy busy

ETA: I'm giving a go on blogger's new dynamic template. Click on the post and it will open with all pictures and text. And let me know what you think.

No, I haven't forgotten this blog. Have just been too busy. A short recap of what's happened.

Been on a scoutcamp. Naturally.
Been on holiday in Frankfurt. Naturally. This is becoming a yearly event for us.

My baby brother got married.

And the most important thing of all. I've become an auntie! My older brother's wife gave birth to a cuuuuute and adoooorable baby girl. Here's a picture from the christening where the whole family of the girl can be seen in the background.

I can tell you that she is not very keen or enthusiastic about yarnshops yet. Not even when swinging pink (!) glitter (!) yarn in front of her. *hmpf* Need to do some more work with her. :)