Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More sewing

I needed something new to wear. And I was on strike from work so I had time. Decided to make a skirt out of some Amy Butler fabric I bought in New York a couple of years ago. (Or is it three years?)

I started with a model, but ended up doing this my own way. Basically it is just straight pieces with a zipper in the back. Just need to do some modifications before I'm 100% happy.

The pictures are taken in the midst of our renovation project. So please ignore the stuff in the background.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Autumn hometown

Some photos of how my hometown looks in the autumn/fall.

The dome and the river:

Colourful trees and their mirroring in the river:

More river views:

Our backyard:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ni(e)ce knitting and sewing

Mom called upset a couple of weeks ago that my niece needed mittens! Her hands, my mom's only grandchild's hands were cold! Said and done:

I modified the known Finnish Train Socks and made mittens out of them. Basically just forgot the heel... They are loooong, but then again i hope they will stay on her better that way. And if she needs more woollen layers they can just fold the cuff down.

And just because she is sooooo cute (and makes my ovaries twist and breakdance):

During the summer I purchased a new sewing machine and made a sweater for her. It was a bit big, but when babysitting her last week I decided to try the sweater on her. Think it looks ok. I really have to make some room in my schedule for sewing before Christmas. She needs desperately some dresses. :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Paradise? - Paratiisi? - Paradis?

There's a new shop in town. Not my town though, but in my niece's town. Villavyyhti - Woolhank. Been there twice. Once with my niece. She had hickups half of the time we were there and slept the other half. Not even a pink bling-bling yarn woke her interest up! O.o And she's already 14 weeks old!

Helsingissä on uusi lanka-kehruu-ihkukauppa, Villavyyhti. Veljentyttären naapurissa! Tänään heidän verkkokauppansa avasi, menkää katsomaan! Olen ollut siellä jo kahdesti. Siis siellä kaupassa. Kerran veljentytär tuli mukaan eikä hän edes innostunut vaikka törkkäsin sille pinkkiä blingbling lankaa nenän eteen. Hän nukahti...

Det har öppnats en ny garn-spinn-affär i Helsingfors. Villavyyhti, eller ullhärvan på svenska. De har en nätbutik, men endast på finska. (Om någon helsvensk vill beställa därifrån så går det att e-posta dem. Servicen är superb, fast e-posten kan lite hicka hos dem ännu och sätta mail i spam-lådan har jag hört.)